health/beauty/lifestyle tips from today

  • always carry lotion and powder with you at all times re: thigh rub on 90 degree days and the fact that you have to wear dresses/skirts to work because pants feel oppressive at that temperature? pants are oppressive.
  • DO NOT FORGET TO WASH YOUR HAIR IN THE MORNING ON 90 DEGREE DAYS.  I realize not everyone washes their hair every day and that’s fine but I choose to because I just end up feeling like a greaseball.  Like I think my scalp was trying to crawl away and end its misery.
  • tofu rice from Bon Me is the perfect lunch, you will eat it all and immediately want another one.  Oh and the spicy ginger lemonade? out of this fucking world. omg.
  • DO NOT schedule client appointments that involve you moving heavy equipment by yourself over shitty Boston brick sidewalks when you haven’t washed your hair, did not remember to bring lotion or powder, and it is, by the way, 90 degrees.
  • DO accept video chats while working of cute babies eating pineapple
  • DO play 2048 repeatedly to avoid having mini anxiety attacks
  • STOP failing extravagantly every day at packing up your apartment, jesus fucking christ
  • STOP feeling overwhelmed by meal preparation to the point that you can’t function at home and just eat a shitton of pretzels
  • also you are SUPER CUTE despite your grime layer, but even cuter after your shower
  • you will NOT die/combust before your two week vacation
If they can raise 17k for Dashcon, we can raise 17k for homeless LGBTQ youth

Hey! look what we can do together in this post-Dashcon world!

Been trying to remember that I have more than enough, so much more than I will ever need just to survive, and that donating a lil bit to worthy causes is the least I can do to help.  If you have a dollar to spare and have made a ball pit joke this week, consider donating to the Ali Forney Center.